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It is a mission of the Madison County 310 Board to connect the individuals that we serve to resources and supports in our community.  Outreach is not a stationary action, but is mobile and requires the formation of connections and nurturing of relationships within our community. Support Coordinators provide needed supports in the field.

 Medical Appointments


Support Coordinators assist 

individuals and families with coordinating medical appointments to ensure our clients maintain a healthy lifestyle.  



The Madison County 310 Board works to access grants to help assist with dental needs when available.     

Other Resources


The Madison County 310 Board maintains a resource manual with information about local resources and supports.

Medical Supplies


Support Coordinators assist with coordinating Medical Supplies through waiver services and/or through grants to assist the family when possible.  

Holiday Supports


The Madison County 310 Board works to provide food boxes for over 50 families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition we support more than 40 families with gifts for the holidays. 

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