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Madison County 310 Board
 Mission Statement

It is the mission of the MC 310 Board to ensure provision of a system of effective and efficient services to the citizens of this area who are diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Developmental Disabilities.  This is consistent with the provisions of Alabama Acts 881 and 310.  The system of services shall be person- and family-driven, provided in the least restrictive setting, promote and protect a person's rights, maximize person and family input, and use existing support systems whenever possible.​

This organization was established under the Federal Community Mental Health Center Act of 1967 and Act 310 of the Alabama State Legislature. Alabama Act 310 provides for the formation of public corporations to contract with the Alabama Department of Mental Health in constructing facilities and operating programs for mental health services. Act 310 is codified in the Code of Alabama 1975, Sections 22-51-1 through 14. Entities formed under Act 310 are commonly referred to as "310 Boards."

Support Coordination


The roles and responsibilities of a Support Coordinator at the Madison County 310 Board are multi-faceted, and include maintaining files, monitoring services, and advocating on behalf of the individuals we serve. The primary responsibility of the Support Coordinator is to complete and maintain all waiver documents while adhering to necessary deadlines and requirements in order to preserve the waiver-eligible status of the individuals we serve.


In addition, the Support Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the services received through the waiver. Medicaid requires monitoring on at least a quarterly basis; however, this agency requires monthly monitoring. Moreover, the Support Coordinator is expected to advocate for the wants and needs of persons served, follow through to assist them in accessing and obtaining services, and follow up to ensure the needs were met. Every person served should always be treated with dignity and respect.


The Support Coordinator must adhere to this standard at all times, and ensure that this basic human right is protected. Finally, the Support Coordinator is expected to build good rapport with the individual and his/her family, and ensure their rights and wants are protected and voiced. A good relationship between the Support Coordinator, the person served, and his/her family is essential.


The Madison County 310 Board is an unbiased agency. This means that a Support Coordinator is not to share his/her personal opinion about any provider with any other provider, family, or person served.

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