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Madison County 310 Board


Welcome to the Madison County 310 Board, serving individuals with intellectual disabilities in Madison County, Alabama. Madison County 310 Board (MC310) is the single point of entry for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities seeking waiver services or additional resources. In addition, MC310 provides service coordination for individuals residing in Madison County and currently on the ID/LAH Waiver.


If you are interested in obtaining waiver services, you must first call:

1-800-361-4491 to begin the waiting list application process. 


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How to express concerns about the services you need and/or are receiving

First, please contact your support coordinator and support coordinator supervisor to address any concerns you may have. Should you feel as though your concerns are not addressed, please follow the below chain of command:
1) Kimberly Holyfield -Region 1 Director (ID/LAH waivers)
Phone:(256) 898-2789                                                                                          
2) Byron White- Waiver Director (CWP Waiver)                      
Phone: (334) 353-7713
3) Kathy Sawyer - Associate Commissioner of Mental Health
Phone: (334) 242-3704
4) Kim Boswell- Commissioner of Mental Health-                   
Phone: (334) 242-3107

If you feel as though your concerns are not addressed appropriately, please then contact your Legislature. Contact information is listed below.


Alabama Able Accounts

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© 2015 Madison County 310 Board.                           "Promoting the welfare of people with Intellectual Disabilities"

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